Session Fees

For a detailed quote on your session please contact me (using the link above) to setup a consultation. This will allow me to get a better idea of exactly what your looking for! Please note that I do not give quotes over the phone!

Please keep in mind that the session fee is not just for the actual session itself, but also for my time to travel to & from the session location, equipment setup & breakdown, and the time spent afterwards retouching your pictures in preparation for your ordering session. Session fees are due at the time of scheduling your session to reserve that date.

Pricing & Collections

I do my pricing and 'packages' a bit differently than most studios you will visit.

My pricing system is extremely flexible & allows you to design your own ‘collection’. That’s right…YOU get to determine exactly what you want to buy! I don’t have any restrictions applied to the number of print sizes, quantities, or poses you want. Be honest… awesome is it that you get to pick & choose exactly what fits your needs, rather than having someone else decide what you need?

Built-in discounting!!!

During your ordering session with me, as your order builds, the prices of each of your products can get cheaper! yes…CHEAPER! Your order will come out to be cheaper than if you were to buy your items at a-la-carte prices!

Freebies! Who doesn’t like ‘em?!

As your collection reaches certain limits, I include a variety of bonus items, such as digital files, at no additional charge to you. It’s my way of thanking you for your order.

All-in-all, my clients spend an average of $500-800 between the session fee and their order. But, as you are in complete control of designing your own package, your sales order can be less or more than that.

So…all this sounds interesting, huh?!

I’m sure by now you’re dying to learn more about what I offer. So please don’t hesitate any longer – contact me today!